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CX14 (II ED.) AC EVO LI-ION 800X525

Load capacity 1400 Kg
Lift height 115 mm
Fork dimensions – Length 800 mm
Distance between fork arms 525 mm

The new CX14 electric pallet trucks are compact, lightweight and easy to use. They have been specifically designed for use in confined spaces within rail, shops, supermarkets and on-board delivery vehicles. These simple and efficient pallet trucks are built to last and are perfect for all your pedestrian material handling needs.

​The innovative CX14 EVO powered by Li-Ion batteries delivers higher quality, long lasting and safe performance, with sustainable operation. It features:
• EVO tiller: ergonomic and comfortable grip, battery status indicator, hour meter.
• New permanent magnetic AC drive system: increases performance, reduces sound emissions and minimises energy consumption as well as maintenance costs.
• Rapid charge: fully recharged in less than 2 hours.
• Opportunity charging allowed. • Longer battery life: 2000 charging cycles.
• Super light battery: reduces the overall weight of the machine by 15%.
• Safety: acid-free battery means users are not exposed to any risk of injury.

• Short chassis dimension (L2 = 410 mm) to offer improved manoeuvrability in confined spaces.
• Compact design perfect for working in narrow areas and corridors, featuring a tighter turning radius (Wa = 1345 mm) for faster pinwheeling and easier navigation in
congested spaces.
• Smooth rounded fork tips and entry/exit rollers to optimize pallet handling.

• Robust frame (metal motor wheel protection 6 mm thick) designed to guarantee maximum durability and resistance to torsion and heavy loads.
• Battery discharge indicator to allow easy management.
• Easy access to electrical components for maintenance.

• Strong ABS cover with storage tray on top, easily removable for simple access to batteries and key components speeding-up maintenance operations.
• BOOST switch allows two levels of travel speed (up to 6 km/h) according to operator experience and application environment.
• Easy access to the motorwheel components through dedicated inspection opening
• Schuko plug with spiral cable and on board battery charger.
• Battery display with: autonomy in %, autonomy in Ah, autonomy in hours, power supplied, voltage.

Ergonomic tiller designed for both left and right handed operation.
• Butterfly valves for traction control.
• Safety push button with warning buzzer.
• Forks way up/down control positioned on both sides of the handle and BOOST button.
• Turtle function for moving in tight areas with the handle in vertical position while remaining almost within the profile of the machine.

Offered as standard, this function enables operating the truck in confined spaces: it allows the unit to travel with the tiller in upright position. This function is activated by pressing the turtle button on the tiller and rotating the drive control throttle. The truck travels at limited speed. Release the button to disable this function.

Built-in battery charger provides a convenient charging solution and eliminates the need to remove the battery from the machine.

Traction is granted by the biggest heavy-duty stabilizer wheels (100x40 mm) in the category, with heavy duty spring. All linkage connections done through bushings that
increase stability and durability.

Standard configuration provided with single polyurethane rollers. Available tandem rollers as optional.

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