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CPD20 L2

The L2 is a premier solution for mid to large warehouses, docks, side bay lorry, logistics. Dual drive 48V motors and premium hydraulics as well as joystick control and a very small footprint.

  • Battery – Li-Ion
  • Load capacity – 1500kg

CPD15LE is built around all the advantages of Li-Ion technology with a 48V/160Ah battery that provides opportunity charging. It can be charged up to 7% in 10 Minutes. Productivity can be boosted during short breaks. It also communicates via Can-Bus with the truck to ensure an efficient usage of the truck at all times.

Wider Operating Space

The L2 forklift from EP Equipment has the widest legroom in the industry. Comfort is at the heart of this 3-wheel forklift.

Stronger Working Performance

Everything in control due to its dual-joystick operation, the truck offers a high productivity also with attachments like side-shift or fork positioner. They are comfortable to use on long shifts without strain for the operator.

Precise Driving Characteristics

The EHPS system is adopted to the L2 forklift, which combines advantages of both EPS and HPS and it makes steering more smoothly.

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