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RX 10/16 EVO GEL

Load capacity 1000 Kg
Lift height 1510 mm
Overall width 794 mm
Fork dimensions – Length 1153 mm

RX is the most compact in the stackers’ range, single mast, completely electric, suitable for loads up to 1.000 kg, allowing a comfortable, safe use, with low maintenance costs, thanks to robust design with easy access for maintenance. RX combines compactness and ergonomics, covering a wide range of daily applications in the "light duty" area (not for continuous use).

The STANDARD version is equipped with starting type battery, a tiller made with metal tube and ergonomic controls. This configuration is the best value for money choice.

This version is equipped with GEL batteries allowing a high number of charging cycle, a tiller made with metal tube and ergonomic controls.

Fully integrated ergonomic tiller system including finger tip throttle and fork controls, safety pushbutton, horn and turtle button.

It's ideal to mode, even horizontally, palletized goods and at the same time it can be used as an adjustable workable, reducing stress for the operator who must place goods on a shelf. Forks thickness 60 mm for an easier entrance inside pallet, while working in elevation.

Ergonomic tiller placed laterally to increase visibility, ensuring an optimal arrangement of components inside the motor compartment. RX 10 solves perfectly the problem of handling goods in narrow spaces and corridors.

The use of powerful high energy throughput GEL batteries makes the machine extremely flexible in every application, thanks to the multiples benefits of GEL technology, such as:
• Maintenance-free (no topping up)
• Long service life
• High number of cycles (IEC 60254-1)
• Extraordinary deep discharge protection
• Low self discharge rate
• Superior shelf life
• No acid

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