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2 Drum Sump Pallet

Capacity: 235 litres
1450mm(W) x 725mm(D) x 308mm(H)

Safe Heavy-Duty Drum Storage

TOP-TEC Industrial Metal Sump Pallets store one, two or four 205-litre drums and are designed to accommodate spillage of at least 25% of the total volume stored on the pallet, or 110% of the largest volume of an individual container (whichever is greater).
The sump pallets are manufactured from strong steel and feature a heavy-duty galvanised steel grill for maximum strength. The grill is easily removable to allow access for cleaning and removal of fluid. The pallet includes forklift entry and can be stacked up to four pallets high when unused and in storage.
NB. Do not lift when loaded with drums.


  • Compliant with PPG26 (Feb 2004) regulations
  • Robust steel construction
  • Holds at least 230 litres of spillage in the sump
  • Stores up to four drums vertically or one IBC container
  • 4-way fork guides for a safe and secure lift
  • Stackable when not in use (AMDP1, AMDP2 & AMDP4 only)
  • Available in Poppy Red as standard, other colours available

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