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Mk3 Access Safety Platform

  • Max Capacity – 2 persons plus tools, 400kg
  • Unladen Weight – 95kg
  • Conforms to PM28
  • Cage Size(mm) – 1000mm(W) x 1000mm(D) x 2100mm(H)
  • Fork guide size – 180 x 75 @ 660mm fork centres
  • Minimum truck rating – 1000kg @600mm load centre

Mk3 Access Platforms are manufactured from high-grade steel, providing a robust and safe solution for elevated maintenance work. A cost-effective alternative to our heavy-duty Mk4 and Mk5 platforms, the Mk3 features a self-closing gate located on the side of the cage making access to the platform safer and easier.

The Mk3 Access Platform features the Amlock security system, which can be adjusted to fit various fork sizes and locks into place to ensure the platform cannot slide off the forks. The tunnel guides provide absolute stability for the platform once the forks are located within them.

The wire mesh at the rear of the platform provides protection from trapping, crushing and shearing points on the forklift truck. An anchorage rail is included to allow a safety harness to be attached and the two safety rails offer additional protection. The louver panel at the rear of the platform accommodates optional plastic bins to hold tools and fixings.


  • Complies with PM28 working standards
  • Strong steel construction
  • Self closing and latching gate
  • Large working area for two users
  • Amlock security system fixes platform to forks
  • Absolute stability with forks locating in tunnel guides
  • Louvre panel to accommodate plastic storage bins
  • Solid slip resistant floor with drainage holes
  • Anchorage points for safety harness
  • Comprehensive range of accessories available

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