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EX15L 1150X560

Load capacity 1500 Kg
Lift height 115 mm
Fork dimensions – Length 1150 mm
Distance between fork arms 560 mm

The economical solution for light logistics operations. Easy to use thanks to the technical features that characterize it: compact size, significantly reduced weight, powered by a powerful lithium battery that can be removed by means of a rapid vertical extraction system. The machine can easily carry loads up to 1500 kg.

The overall width of the machine matches with the fork width (560 mm). This makes the unit as compact as possible and, together with the reduced turning radius (1330 mm), enables to work in narrow spaces.

Robust frame designed to guarantee maximum durability and resistance to torsion and loads. Fork tips shaped for an easier entrance/exit on the closed side of the pallet.

Emergency push button, belly button and electrobrake are the standard safety features of the machine. The cover for driving wheel protects the operator's feet during work and secures the truck's components from collision with objects.

Offered as standard, this function enables operating the truck in confined spaces: it allows the unit to travel with the tiller in upright position. This function is activated by pressing the turtle button on the tiller. The truck travels at limited speed. Release the button to disable this function.

The new improved plug-in & out system enables an easy battery replacement in just few seconds, without using any cables. The machine can also be equipped with a second extra battery, allowing continuous and non-stop work.

Simple construction with a design that allows a really easy maintenance. The access to motorwheel can be done just removing few bolts and without lifting the unit.
Maintenance-free Li-Ion battery.

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